Weak points of ELC AMX


If it was bumped to tier 6. But at tier 5 still? And IMO on test it was still fun. I could still do the same things, still be sneaky as all heck, and still punish and smack anything that did dare to go into the open. Gun handling is better on the move now vs before. But the loss of the top speed and power to weight? It’s on pair with the other tier 5 lights now. As IMO the old stats it would be no competition for key spots vs those. Prototype turret with 90mm gun, looks fully functional to me went under the name ELC Surprised that no-one has mentioned that will now get vertical stabilizers now. So a tank with camo, speed, view-range and high alpha is weak?

Gxb tier list

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Elc amx matchmaking

Jump to content. Percentage of vote: A lie about a lie turns inside out upon itself. As such, making it a tier VI with the new light matchmaking system would have it seeing the same tiers as it used to.

Fixed and thanks The ELC AMX was the first light tank above tier that I played after battles. The developers thought of the concept of World of Tanks in December.

Jump to content. I tried driving the elc – even with premium fueland its still sooooo slow. I am by no means a good player with it, but after a night bashing my head with heavies lumbering up to slog I acknowledge its short comings – having a crew of 2 and all that brought with it. Then we enlarge the hull to ridiculous proportions, think Panther levels. We then buff the engine to be around maybe hp.

We keep the turret, but make the gun a fast firing 75mm with good penetration, like the konisch. But not for long. For ” Heroes never die. Profanisaurus, on 10 May – PM, said:. The greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing the world that he did not exist

How do we bring the ELC amx back

This is not an easy pick. The MAX used to be a favourite, due to the gun it had before the changes in the matchmaking. As a pure scout tank, when you only want to spot the enemy, it might be the best. This is true both when you are an active scout and when you are a passive scout. If you want to do damage during the start of the battle and during the middle period of the battle, however, the other four tanks are better. I have a soft spot for the T, so it will be a candidate.

There are five tier V light tanks (by patch ): T Chaffee M7 Leopard VK AMX ELC bis All light tanks now get regular matchmaking.

Ode to the ELC. April 27, So about two weeks ago, Wargaming had a contest for people to create a guide on their favorite destination tank. I hope you enjoy it! Like many other lights, it does not have very high DPM damage per minute. Designed by the French during World War I, it was one of the most advanced vehicles of its time. The tank had a fully rotating turret degrees of turret traverse , one of the first ever tanks to do so. Post-war, it received the designation Renault FT On the plus side, the FT does actually have decent armor for a Tier I tank, most of which is either oddly angled or concentrated on the turret.

All I can really say is angle yourself whenever possible and pray to RNGesus, and if you want to be troll, reverse sidescrape with the thing and let your tracks absorb the damage.

How to handle the new ELC AMX?

Author: Ambruz. If you are interested in having an article or guide posted on here you can contact me here , on the WoT Guru Facebook page, or on the World of Tanks forums. Perhaps the biggest problem with the TD argument is matchmaking. Most of your matches are tiers with a very light smattering of 5 and 9.

All Hail The ELC AMX! ELC AMX: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! And the Matchmaking seems a little bit off, like I can get a whole night lose.

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AMX ELC, should it get a 90mm gun like WoT PC?

If you are in a platoon, the entire platoon is placed into battles according to the platoon member in the vehicle with the highest battle tier. And each copy cloned off of the original had the same mana cost as the original. The same thing happens when a tank with preferential match making is platooning with a normal tank.

My buddy and I just got our ELC AMXs. I figured a Tier V light tank would get crazy high matchmaking, but the vast majority of our games have been .

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Goal to the latest updates seems to worry about the matchmaker update 1. All the matchmaker update 9. Living simply in canada and loved comic strips, we taught the version 8. Talking with matchmaker rule revision.

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Wargaming is really nice but this time for the lorraine 40 t – matchmaking. Once it was a shot magazine and hit the tank. This tank blasts enemies away in the lorraine, only two. Want to be the french tier 9 medium.

Light Tanks Revision: France

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I know how you feel, going trough the AMX 12t was one of my worst experiences in world of tanks. My answer would be to definitely get the.

Jump to content. Community Forum Software by IP. Please log in to reply. I gotta have 25 posts in the regualr forum befor being able to post in suggestions. So, WG should add the 90mm gun for the amx elc bis. Even if the gun has like a 12 second reload, it would still be super fun to play.

World of Tanks

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