Crysis Remastered gets a release date via stunning new trailer


The news that The Order season 2 was assured on Netflix was almost certainly welcome for those viewers who were wondering what would happen to the Knights of St. Christopher werewolves after the events of the season finale. Fortunately, the show returns this summer, and lead actors Sarah Grey and Jake Manley are on board for the new season. Adding the element of justice-seeking werewolves to an otherwise familiar formula of hidden magic-users must have been just what viewers were looking for. Does anyone even go to class anymore? Ad — content continues below.

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The DC FanDome panel for Justice League wasn’t quite as revealing as we expected, as a release date for the movie wasn’t officially announced and we’re just left to assume it’s official title is Justice League: The Snyder Cut and not Zack Snyder’s Justice League as the filmmaker had hoped. On the plus side, it has now been confirmed that the movie is going to be released on HBO Max in four one-hour parts, with it later available as one lengthy, four-hour feature film.

Snyder also mentioned that for fans overseas where HBO Max isn’t available , there are plans for it to be distributed, so we’re just going to have to wait for news on how that develops. Regardless, if you missed this teaser trailer earlier, you’re in for an absolute treat as it really is a thing of beauty.

Crysis Remastered is officially hitting PC via Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4 Crytek confirmed the new released date in a brand new trailer tech trailer, You may remember that Crytek decided do delay the game after the.

The ‘s final season has passed the halfway point, and we’re more eager than ever to see just how Clarke Eliza Taylor and her friends’ stories will end. Season 7 has leaned harder than ever before into the show’s sci-fi elements, which means there’s really no telling how things will play out. This season has divided all of our heroes — some by distance, some by time, and some by both. Meanwhile, a new threat looms on the horizon as the Disciples and their hunt for the Flame puts all our heroes at risk.

Not to mention, Sheidheda is still running around, and he might be more of a threat than ever to Clarke, Madi Lola Flanery , and the people of Sanctum. Whatever the explanation for all these twists will be, we’ll have to wait to see how Season 7 plays out to get some answers. We may know the series finale date.

There is currently only one more break scheduled during The ‘s final season, which will put the show on a brief two-week hiatus. Based on the number of episodes left to air, the finale date could be Sept. We’re headed for a satisfying ending. I think it’s a pretty powerful, emotional ending. Rothenberg confirmed to TV Guide that Morley requested to take time off during the filming of Season 7, and that absence was written into the Season 7 storyline as an abduction.

Top Gun: Maverick trailer, cast, release date and everything you need to know

Based on the bestselling book by Tom Wolfe buy at Amazon , the eight-episode season is an inspirational look at the early days of the U. At the height of the Cold War in , America fears it is a nation in decline as the Soviet Union dominates the space race. But, the U. Together, they hand select seven astronauts from a pool of military test pilots.

Disenchantment season 3 release date: Piece of information! Netflix has revived the series because of the third season. In October

Even better, it’s proved so popular that writing on season 4 looks like it’s already underway and it’s since spawned two spin-offs: Section 31 focuses on the shady black ops unit, and prequel, Strange New Worlds. So Trekkies everywhere have plenty to look forward to, but in terms of all things Star Trek: Discovery season 3, we know this season of the show will take us farther into the future than any time in the history of the show, the 32nd century.

We’ve already had one major trailer for the third season, and eagle-eyed viewers will see that there are serious questions surrounding the Federation in this far future. So, with many questions still to be answered, here’s what we know about Star Trek: Discovery season 3, the cast and what we can expect from the show’s story in this next series of intergalactic adventures.

Expect episodes to roll out weekly. The wait is over — we can finally announce the StarTrekDiscovery Season 3 premiere date!

Dark Desire

Disenchantment is truly a The American fantasy animated sitcom Disenchantment encompasses some jaw-dropping animation humor and characters. The series is made by Matt Groening and streams on Netflix. Set in a fantasy kingdom of Dreamland, the show explores the pops of Bean, a drunkard, and rebellious princess. Fans are curious to know what the future has in its store to get their favorite show after its 2 seasons. Here are. Piece of information!

Wonder Woman Trailer: She’ll Lasso the Hell Out of You on October 2, unless the coronavirus pandemic pushes the date back again.

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Star Trek: Discovery season 3: release date revealed, trailer, cast and more

Register – Forgot Password. By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the Comicbook. As you may know, this is Rocksteady’s first game since Batman: Arkham Knight five years ago, so it’s been a long time coming for the UK studio, who has apparently been hard at work on realizing the first proper AAA Suicide Squad game ever, which is set to release worldwide sometime in as a next-gen only game.

While we’ve been hearing about Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League on and off for a couple of years — predominately under the project name “Outlaws” — we haven’t seen Rocksteady in an official capacity in quite some time. In fact, quiet is putting it lightly. Rocksteady has been radio silent for years, even when various rumors about the games it was reportedly working on dominated headlines.

Watch all you want for free. TRY 30 DAYS FREE. It’s Official: Another Season Is Coming. Starring Season 1 Trailer: Dark Desire. Season 1.

New to Shacknews? Signup for a Free Account. Following some teases, developer Crytek revealed Crysis Remastered earlier this year. One of the most graphically intensive games, Crysis was often used as a benchmark to measure the power of a PC. Now, the franchise is set to return in all its graphical glory with a stunning remaster, set to launch September Crytek has released a new trailer showing off the upcoming game. The leaked trailer concluded with a July 23 release date.

Crytek acknowledged this leak, confirming its accuracy when they announced the game would be delayed further into the year. On August 21, the developer shared a post to their Twitter account announcing the new release date of September In the tech trailer, we see a lot of environmental shots that display side-by-side comparisons of the Crysis game to its remaster. For more news on Crysis Remastered , stay with us right here on Shacknews.

Donovan is a young journalist from Maryland, who likes to game. His oldest gaming memory is playing Pajama Sam on his mom’s desktop during weekends. After interning for Shacknews throughout college, Donovan graduated from Bowie State University in with a major in broadcast journalism and joined the team full-time.

HBO Shares Chilling First Look at ‘Class Action Park’ Documentary

A new logo and poster art is revealed featuring Robert Pattinson as Batman. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming movie hitting theaters in October Holy remake, Batman! Here’s everything we know about the movie. Warner Bros.

There’s only been one official Star Trek: Discovery season 3 trailer so far, which you can watch above. We were hoping to get a new trailer or.

Season 3 was one of the many Netflix shows to be affected by the COVID disruptions but the good news is that production is due to begin in September As one of the most popular series on Netflix to date, it should come to no surprise that Netflix will be looking ahead to the third season. Thanks to Production Weekly, we learned that the third season of Sex Education is reported was originally due to begin filming in May and will run until September In addition, Laurie Dunn, the creator of Sex Education has already confirmed that she is writing for the third season.

Dunn originally confirmed that she began writing for the third season regardless of the series renewal status:. Filming was due to get underway for season 3 of Sex Education in May according to ProductionWeekly but on April 17th, it was announced that season 3 had been delayed from production. It then came as no surprise that given the global coronavirus pandemic filming for the series was indefinitely postponed. Any cast member who lives outside the UK has been instructed to be in the UK from August 23rd, to then undergo a day quarantine period.

Filming is now expected to end in February The majority of filming takes place in Newport, UK. In August , courtesy of scooper Daniel Richtman , we got word of a brand new character going into season 3 called Cal. We learned a lot about Otis and the colorful characters of Moordale Secondary School, and they also learned a lot about themselves in the process.

Crysis Remastered gets September release date and new trailer

However, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Warner Bros. Wonder Woman is now scheduled for October , but it’s unknown if it will be able to meet that date since the health crisis is still a very serious situation. Watch it in the space below:. The trailer establishes a general outline for the movie’s plot, setting up Maxwell Lord as a devious villain promising to give people anything they ever dreamed of.

Barbara’s craving for power results in her becoming the fully-formed Cheetah , which had been glimpsed in official merchandise, but had yet to be shown in actual footage. Elsewhere, the trailer reaffirms Steve Trevor will serve as the comedic relief as he gets acclimated to the s.

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Hoops is an animated adult Netflix Original. The show comprises of 10 episodes in its first season. The show has been created by Ben Hoffman who is also the producer alongside Jake Johnson who also plays the main lead. Jake Johnson plays out loud mouthed crass-oriented protagonist Ben Hopkins. Hoops Season 1 aired on Netflix on the 21st of August The entire season comprised of ten episodes. As of now Netflix has not officially announced as to when Hoops Season 2 will release.

Hoops Season 2 is scheduled to release on Netflix in Hoops Season 1 has been widely accepted which means there is a possibility of having another season. But due to the current Covid pandemic there is likely to be a delay. The cast of Hoops Season 1 will be carried on and will be back in Hoops Season 2.

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